Invest in yourself!

“Every meal is a short-term investment in how you feel and perform, a mid-term investment in how you look, and a long-term investment in your freedom from disease.”- Alan Aragon

This is one of my long-term investments. It doesn’t have a name, as usual. I followed my intuition. I have to admit, I am a cheater when it comes to cooking. I don’t like to follow recipes. They are overwhelming.

It took me only 30 min to make it! Hey, I am busy too! I don’t have time to stay in the kitchen for hours.

So, it has cassava/kale/garlic crust, avocado oil, broccoli sprouts, raw goat cheese, olives, and herbs.

Actually, my clients like the no recipe cooking idea. Once you learn the basics of simplified cooking you’ll never say: “I don’t have time for that or I don’t know how to cook.” I teach them the simplified cooking tricks.

If you want to successfully manage your autoimmune condition or your hypothyroid disease you have to know your parameters, you have to be in tune with your own body, and to invest in yourself! Invest, listen, and be persistent.