Ergh… It’s Poop Time!

Let’s have a ‘poop-talk’ – not the kind of talk you had with your little friends when you were in kindergarten. I mean an adult talk about poop. Ewwww, nobody wants to talk about it, why should I? Well, because transit time is a symptom; because constipation can be a trigger for numerous autoimmune diseases and gland/organ dysfunction, and diarrhea leads to deficiencies!

Still not convinced to participate in this talk?

I get it, it is gross but it could be one of the reasons you feel like crap, you have to take all kinds of medications, you have anxiety, you are bloated, you don’t feel well when you eat certain foods, and tons of other issues. Remember: TAKE CONSTIPATION and DIARRHEA SERIOUSLY! Understanding the dangers of reduced waste clearance is really important.

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The amount of time from when you chew your food or swallow it, to when the waste product from it is expelled all through the other end (anus) is called transit time. Transit time is a symptom! Our food needs to move slowly so that our body has enough time to reap all the available nutrition from our food. If it moves too fast, we’re sending nutrients out in our stool. We are missing the opportunity to absorb everything. However, it if takes too long to move the food, then toxins remain in our body and they are more likely to be reabsorbed and/or damage the colon. Sure enough, it is all about balance. It is a challenge to balance nutrient absorption with toxin excretion. Toxins don’t stay in a plastic bag in our body. The body will give up and eventually begin to absorb toxins again if the process of excretion is delayed for long.

You can test your transit time very easily. Eat 2-3 beets or 5-10 grams of activated charcoal tablets and monitor for when your stool first appear red or dark. If it is more than 24 hours, it is delayed. If it is less than 24 hours, it is hurried.

Constipation can be caused by many things, for example, sluggish thyroid, hypothyroidism, some antidepressants, narcotic opioid painkillers, dehydration (keep in mind that tea, coffee and alcohol are diuretics), food sensitivities, dysbiosis, low activity, and nutritional deficiencies.

Diarrhea is loose, pencil thin, or watery stools that are signs of rushed bowel movement. Some of the common drivers of diarrhea are stress, lack of sleep (due to stress hormones), under-diagnosed food intolerance, antidepressants, antibiotics, Metformin, corticosteroids, hypertension medications, dysbiosis, sugar alcohol sweeteners, and more.

You can use Bristol Stool Chart to further evaluate your poop. Yes, it is important. I am not kidding, your poop tells you a lot about your current state of health. Like it or not, look at it and take action if needed. Check your kids’ poop too. Do they go every day? Are they constipated? It is absolutely not ok for a child to be constipated. Find the root cause as soon as possible and get those toxins out of your child’s body.

Constipation and diarrhea are symptoms of gut dysfunction, not illnesses in themselves. Constipation and diarrhea once in a while is alright, however, if they are chronic that can lead to major complications.

Human body is an amazing bio-computer and never makes mistakes. When things are out of balance or something is wrong it gives us signs. Symptoms are its gifts to us. But what do we do when we have a symptom? We pop a pill, right? Get a pill for the ill and all is good. Yes, but no! How about instead find the root cause of your problem? Maximize what your body needs, minimize what is harming you, and create a supportive and healing environment. Then everything will be alright.


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  1. Love it!!! Interesting our kids and animals are wise enough to check their poop. My kids are constantly bragging about how big their poops are 🙂 they have names for them – iceberg poop, etc.

    Great article! I had never seen the Bristol Stoop chart. Great info!

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