Mamma Mia Cooking Academy offers unique, educational, and fun nutrition-cooking classes and camps for kids. We introduce the concept of good nutrition, development of healthy eating habits and choices,  appreciation of food, cooking delicious meals, REAL foods knowledge, and more. We offer hands-on experience that will spark your child's curiosity to prepare their own food. We get messy and silly. We cook with tons of Vitamin F (Fun) and Vitamin L (Love). We learn math in a super fun way without even knowing it. While cooking we learn measuring, fractions, addition, subtraction, volume, and estimation. Most of our recipes are based on the Mediterranean diet- one of the healthiest diets in the world. We explore authentic Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, and Spanish recipes and investigate how these cultures value real food.

Let your children experience the world through REAL food!

Give them the important tools for a lifetime of healthy living.


MMCA Cooking classes

The veggie whisperer (Chef Lili) shows children the "vegic-magic". Lili teaches young kids how to cook delicious meals and how to prepare and choose healthy snacks. In just two hours the magic and power of real food will be revealed to your child!


MMCA 2 day Cooking camps

All inclusive Spring and Summer Camps.

Your child will prepare their own meals and snacks for the day.

Nutrition education, games, sewing class, art class, and mindfulness.


What to expect

To ensure safety and enjoyment for each child, space is limited to 7 children per class/camp

Class duration - 2 hours

 Camp duration - 5 hours

Safe and clean environment

Gluten and dairy free recipes

100% organic fresh foods








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