Stomach acid is good for you!

We need strong stomach acid for optimal digestion. In the stomach, we denature proteins to ensure optimal absorption of amino acids in the intestines, prepare Vitamin B12 so it can be absorbed at all, and separate tightly-bound minerals to allow for intestinal uptake.

There are many modern lifestyle dynamics that can lead to lowered production of stomach acid. In particular, sustained stress or suboptimal thyroid function are both quiet common and can lead to a reduction in stomach acid secretion. There are also autoimmune dynamics which can directly impair acid production.

Insufficient stomach acid has been associated with many common health problems.Adequate stomach acid is necessary for denaturing proteins to allow optimal amino acids availability such as is needed for hormone and neurotransmitter synthesis. B12 deficiency may cause cognitive impairment, fatigue/weakness, impaired detoxification, neuropathy, and other nervous system problems.

Caution: Individuals who have had insufficient stomach acid for some time often have had a thinning of the protective mucosal lining of the stomach. Talk to your healthcare practitioner about your unique circumstances. You may need to support the repair and build-up of this protecting barrier before increasing stomach acidity. This is especially true of individuals who have been using acid-suppressing medications.